21st China Ecology Congress opens in Guiyang


The 21st China Ecology Congress opened in Guiyang on Aug 27 and lasted for four days. The conference was hosted by the Ecological Society of China.


Guiyang bureau leads residents to explore insect world


The 18th Ecological Civilization Lecture Hall hosted by the Guiyang bureau of ecology and the environment opened at the Guiyang Ecological Science Museum on Aug 27.


Guiyang's air quality assessment data issued


The Guiyang Atmosphere Office recently completed the assessment of air in all districts, counties and development zones in July and announced the assessment rankings.


Nanming River in Guiyang reappears with clear water, green shore


Guiyang has attached great importance to the management of the Nanming River in recent years and achieved good results.


Guizhou issues plan to reach peak carbon emissions


The Department of Ecology and Environment of Guizhou Province recently issued the "Implementation Plan for Guizhou Province to Carry out Green and Low-Carbon Leading Actions of Public Institutions to Reach Peak Carbon Emissions".


Ecological civilization construction in Guiyang achieves results


As leaders in Guizhou province's economic and social development, Guiyang and Guian New Area have always focused on green development and have written a new chapter in the construction of local ecological civilization.


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