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Enchanting Zhenshan village revives rich scenery, ecosystem

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-04-30

Enchanting Zhenshan village – located in Huaxi district of Guiyang city – capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province – has a recorded history of more than 400 years and is surrounded by a pristine reservoir and wonderful mountains.

In recent years, the village has implemented targeted pollution controls, resulting in a more beautiful, rejuvenated local ecosystem and environment.

Relying on its beautiful natural scenery and special architectural style, Zhenshan village is a hit with tourists, receiving up to 100,000 each year.

The influx of large numbers of people has posed great challenges to local environmental protection. The village is located by the midsection of the Huaxi Reservoir, the drinking water source of Guiyang city, where water pollution has occurred in the past.

In 2022, the village established a rural drinking water safety project and full coverage of the sewage pipe network, achieving 100-percent water supply coverage and a sewage treatment rate of 100 percent.

In addition, to create a distinctive scenic area, last year Huaxi district introduced a professional service team from Guizhou Normal University's School of Fine Arts to settle in Zhenshan village and help develop a courtyard economy here.

The district rented idle or abandoned houses and courtyards from villagers and renovated them, creating some distinctive model courtyards for others to emulate.

"Zhenshan village has a long history and beautiful scenery and these courtyards are also very distinctive," commented tourist Wang Shipiao while visiting them on April 27, adding, "It feels very good!"

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