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Guiyang bureau publicizes radiation safety

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-04-17

A nuclear and radiation safety awareness event was held at Zhucheng Square in Guiyang city on April 15.

The event was sponsored by the Southwestern China Regional Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspection as well as the Ecology and Environment Department of Guizhou Province. It was also undertaken by the Guiyang bureau of ecology and environment.


Residents participate in consultations at the event. [Photo/Guiyang.gov.cn]

Residents consulted with staff from the bureau about their concerns and received explanations on-site.

On that day, the bureau distributed over 1,100 copies of promotional materials and gifts. The event also featured exhibition boards, demonstration equipment, and other materials covering topics such as ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and the utilization of nuclear technology.

The event aimed to publicize national security and nuclear safety, while also enhancing public awareness and understanding.

In recent years, the bureau has continuously inspected various units by utilizing nuclear and radiation technologies, thus ensuring the city's radiation safety. The city's overall nuclear and radiation safety situation is stable.

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