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Xinhuanet cooperates with Guizhou to create 'digital river'

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-09-09

The Guizhou Provincial Flood and Drought Disaster Prevention Center recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Guizhou Branch of Xinhuanet. The two parties will cooperate with relevant enterprises to carry out public welfare actions for the digital governance of the Nanming River.

Zeng Xinbo, deputy director of the Water Resources Department of Guizhou Province, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He said that the Nanming River is mainly used for urban flood control, drought resistance, urban water supply, and water environment and water ecological protection, and that it is important to properly manage the Nanming River and build a digital twin watershed.

Through advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, Guizhou Branch of Xinhuanet will build the project by integrating digital twins, digital radar, digital sky eyes, drone digital inspection, and a digital water conservancy supervision platform.

The liquor industry is a key industry valued at 200 billion yuan ($28.82 billion) in Guizhou. Ecological governance centered on the river and lake basin is an important way to promote the green development of the liquor industry.

To this end, Guizhou Branch of Xinhuanet also signed cooperation agreements that same day with Guizhou Jinjiang Liquor Industry Co and Guizhou Qianguo Liquor Industry Group, both leading local liquor companies.

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