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Guiyang maintains high air quality for three years

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-01-05

According to Guiyang's 2020 air quality report released on Jan 4, the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province achieved the excellent and good-quality air standard 98.9 percent of the time last year.

It is the third consecutive year that the city's rate of excellent and good-quality air has exceeded 97 percent.

Last year, Guiyang had 362 days reaching the excellent and good air quality standard with only four days of slightly polluted air.

In 2019, Guiyang had 214 days of excellent air quality, 144 days of good air quality and seven days of slightly polluted air, resulting in a 98.1 percent rate for excellent and good-quality air.

In 2018, Guiyang had 152 days that achieved the excellent air quality standard, 205 days of good air quality and three days of mildly polluted air. The rate of excellent and good-quality air was 97.8 percent.

Despite having geographical conditions that are not conducive to the diffusion of pollutants in the air, Guiyang has improved its air quality by optimizing its industrial and energy structures, as well as enhancing the pollution prevention measures for vehicles and construction sites.

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