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Guiyang's water quality assessment in Q1

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2020-05-22

According to the monthly monitoring, evaluation and ranking of 16 monitoring sessions, controlled by the country and the province and conducted by Guiyang bureau of ecology and environment in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou, the water quality rankings in the first quarter of 2020 (including 107 rivers, 55 functional zones of water areas and 16 drinking water source areas above the county level) are as follows.

Based on the observed results, the water quality of Xifeng county ranks first, followed by Huaxi district, Qingzhen city, Xiuwen county, Kaiyang county, Nanming district (Guiyang Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone included), Guiyang Economic Development Zone, Guanshanhu district, Wudang district, Yunyan district, and Baiyun district.

In terms of water quality, a total of 16 monitoring sessions were taken into account in the first quarter of 2020, with the average standard rate hitting 93.75 percent. Water in 87.5 percent of monitoring sessions was above Grade III, the third-highest in China's five-tier quality system for surface water, with a total number of 14. Water in 6.25 percent of the sessions was below the standard rate, with the influencing factor being the biochemical oxygen demand (an indicator of the organic quality of water). Also 12.5 percent of these sessions were at Grave V, the lowest quality, with the focus being the Xinzhuang part of Nanming River.

However, 88.8 percent of surface water in the river was at or above Grade III, while 5.67 percent of the river was at Grade IV, and 0.94 percent of the river was at Grade V. Meanwhile, five rivers ranked below Grade V, accounting for 4.72 percent of the total number of 107.

A clear figure emerged that a total of five national functional areas reached the related standard, with a rate of 45.5 percent, while 30 provincial functional areas hit a rate of 78.9 percent. The overall up-to-standard rate of functional zones above municipal level was 74.5 percent.

The centralized drinking water source areas across the city have maintained Grade III level in quality, with the rate reaching 100 percent. And 10 of them featuring Grade II level water have experienced improved quality, including Hongfeng Lake, Wangjiadajing, the Maida section of Nanming River, and the Beijiao Reservoir, according the latest report released by the Guiyang bureau of ecology and environment.

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