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Green System Planning of Guiyang City (2015 -2020)

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2020-05-09

A total of 17 elements, involving the status of green space, general provisions for planning, its aims and an index, greenway planning and biodiversity conservation, are incorporated into the Green System Planning of Guiyang City (2015 -2020). These aim at optimizing spatial patterns of land use by virtue of the natural layout of mountains, water, forest and urban areas within Guiyang.

In addition, a layout for green space system planning covers Guiyang city (8,034 square kilometers), its central urban areas (1,230 sq km) and built-up areas (299 sq km). This further satisfies the multi-propose principles of "highlight landscape, hinge on local conditions, fit into layouts" and gives prominence to the unique features of Guizhou province.

To fully take advantage of the natural resources of Guiyang, the plan requires adding more than 1,000 parks as of 2020, with park land per capita reaching 17.35 square meters. Moreover, its planning index indicates that the city's average forest coverage rate will reach 47 percent, while within the metropolitan area it will reach 50 percent and within construction land 46.05 percent by the same year.

On the premise of protecting the current ecological environment, the plan aims at undertaking reasonable programs, including establishing a general green line driven by the principle of classification and diversification.

In the light of the timeline, the plan also fundamentally catches up with every phase of the Overall Urban Planning of Guiyang City (2011-2020), even extending the green space system planning further to the years beyond 2020. 

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